Safety and Integrity

Maintaining the sanctity of Motorsports.


Like every sporting activity, there is a need to maintain a level of sportsmanship, fairness, and integrity. When all these factors are put in place, the sanctity of that particular sport would be regulated.

However, quite a lot of factors have damaged the sanctity of sports racing. In recent times, many drivers are engaging in several activities that have hampered the growth of the sport and bring disrepute to the sport.

Some of the activities these drivers engage in include;


This is the use of performance-enhancing substances which places a driver ahead of his competitors. This has been said to be the highest level of fraud in any sport. To curtail this kind of behaviour, there are various anti-doping laws to regulate the substance that a driver might use. There are also sanctions put in place to melt out punishment for erring members. This is expected to deter other people who might be considering engaging in doping activities.

Race Fixing

These activities are carried out by those who engage in sports betting. They do this by conspiring with drivers to forfeit a race—most riders make extra cash to venture into this illicit act. There is now adequate punishment for those who engage in this illicit behaviour because it is very unsportsmanlike.


This has to do with the safety of the driver. It is believed that a driver cannot drink and drive. If there is a trace of alcohol in a driver's blood sample, such a driver will automatically be disqualified. Other aspects that deal with integrity include; privacy policy, conflict of interest regulations, and whistle-blower policy.


Car racing is a critical sport that should be taken with all safety levels and should be taken with all seriousness. Keeping the riders safe should be the top priority of the organisers.

To ensure the safety of drivers, various policies have been put in place to see the safety of riders. The polices includes

Risk and Hazard Management Policy

This policy was put in place to help the driver protect them against any form of workplace hazard that might occur during their recent activity.

Protection policy for members

This regulatory policy is put in place to protect the well-being of drivers and their all-around health. This policy also put in place a means of protection for young persons who are drivers.

Insurance Policy

Drivers are advised to be well insured. This is to protect them in case of any damage. Drivers are advised to ensure their car and ensure their lives, their property, and engage in several other insurance schemes. Other forms of safety policies include harassment, anti-discrimination and bullying policy, passenger Activities policy, and health policy.

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