Licence For Off-Road Races

These are car racing activities which are carried out on a number of terrains. This car racing event is very competitive and highly delicate because sometimes it could include the crossing of rivers and jumping over hills.

Most Off-road events usually require a driving partner who doubles as navigator, and on some occasions, the rider may ride alone depending on the type of Off-Road event.

The Off-Road event can either be in the form of a short course, usually around 15 km, or it can be a lengthy course that is generally more than 15 kilometres. The Long course is usually rigged with a lot of obstacles. This makes it more tedious if compared with the short course.

The Off-Road event is open to riders from the age of 14 why the navigator or the assistant driver can be 12.

However, to participate in this tournament, you need to have a licence. With this licence, you will be able to show that you have been certified to participate in this tournament. The licence will show that you have fulfilled every requirement to participate in the contest.

For you to get this licence, you need to obtain the licence Form. Once you receive the form, you have to feel your biodata in this licence form. It is with this bio-data that they will process your licence for you.

The bio-data is necessary in order to ensure that a person who is not of age is not participating in the event. Also, bio-data is needed to identify individuals who are not citizens of Australia. Such individuals who are not a citizen of Australia can attach the passport of their nation to the licence form obtained during submission.

You need to know that your licencing will be subject to a medical examination. What this implies is that you have to undergo a medical test first. This is to certify that you are of sound mind.Annex to this form is terms and conditions, which are to be agreed upon by you to complete your registration. You should also note that in case of any injury, the organiser will be absolved of any form of liability that might occur as a result of injuries suffered during the racing.

This term of exclusive liability has been clearly spelt out in the agreement which you and the organiser of the event are entering into. This agreement has been boldly spelt out in the agreement. As a driver, you need to obtain the licence for wider recognition all over Australia where the Off-Road event is taking place.

Driving in an off-road event is dangerous and required and a very high level of skill. As a result of this, the organiser put in place tests to prove those who are fit for this competition.

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