Logbook and Safety

Why is the logbook necessary in a racing event?

The logbook is different from a licence to drive. The license requires the driver’s details, while the logbook requires the details of the automobile.

The logbook is a means to show that a driver has registered his automobile with Motorsport Australia. When the driver has carried out this registration, the car’s description and details, such as its specification, are recorded. It is based on this description that the automobile will be referred to during the race.

The logbook is quite important because it is being requested at every racing event. Without the logbook, you will not be able to attend any of the racing events regardless of the level. The log book’s purpose is to have a detailed list of every automobile in an event with the complete background information about such an automobile.

It is possible to have a logbook without having a licence. All you need to do is to ensure that you are the bonafide owner of the car. However, if you wish to enter the car into an event with your name, you will need to have a licence.

Why is the logbook necessary in a racing event?

The role safety cage plays in reducing accidents

In Motorsport, one cannot be too careful to ensure an optimum level of safety. To attain this safety level, the safety cage is constructed into the automobile. The safety cage is built to ensure that the driver is well protected during an incident.

There is a technical unit put in place to ensure that the safety cage is well built to meet the requirements. This specialised unit will consider your automobile’s structure and nature before they determine the safety cage that suits your automobile. This is because when an inappropriate safety cage is built, it will cause more harm than good to your vehicle and you, the driver when an incident occurs during the racing event.

Once the safety cage has been approved, you will be given a label to identify that your car has been approved. This approval Implies that your automobile has been able to meet up the appropriate safety cage requirement. The safety cage label is to be put in a place where it will be visible for inspection. The registration of the safety cage will also be recorded in the logbook. This will also go in the description of the automobile.

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