Motorsport and Australia

Motorsport has several bodies within the organisation, and to give a name to these bodies, they tag them as “Historic “

Motor racing in Australia has several historical facts and figures brought to the limelight by the Motorsport Australia club. This historic commission inaugurated by the Motorsport Club put into motion the motor racing events in Australia.

There are Historic Eligibility offices which are in different regions across Australia. These offices are managed by personality with a keen interest in the sport of motor racing.

There is also the Motorsports administration which handles all forms of sporting disciplinary issues. This body is responsible for planning our events and drafting regulations for the events. If you have any questions as you can see how they intend to organise a competition, you can touch this committee.

The sub-committee, such as the eligibility committee, is saddled with the classification of the different racing vehicles into various categories that fit specific events.

The primary responsibility is to serve as an advisory capacity to the main body on matters that border around drafting rules and regulation. They also advise on how to improve the sport further. The members of this committee are appointed for a specific term which is two years. The chairman of the board is nominated based on recommendations for one year.

This committee has implemented a sub-committee responsible for high-performance vehicles whose racing ability supersedes cars of the previous generation. This is to show how organised the club is; they have put in place all of these committees to help enhance the development of car racing in the whole of Australia.

This conscious effort has created several improvements in the sport, making the organisation first among its peers. The organisation also organised historical events which are competed by car in various groups. This distinction will help drivers know the category in which their car falls before entering the tournament.

Several Historic groups have to do with periods of car racing in Australia. For instance, 1984 to 1992 marked an era of specific cars that participated in Australia’s event during that period. Cars during this era were regarded as cars in group A. Cars in this period will struggle to compete with a car in a more advanced age.

This foresight by the Historic Committee has helped to regulate the sport to a certain extent and created a level playing for various drivers and their cars. A car in a lower level cannot participate in a class above it. There is a level of the sensor, and this is put in place when the details of the car are inputted into the logbook. Proper documentation has also helped this club to be several steps ahead of other clubs in Australia.

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