Belonging to a Club

Before you can participate in a motor racing event, you need to belong to a club or to an affiliate. Being in a club will afford you several opportunities that you will benefit from. This benefit goes far beyond automobile racing. This club will help you socialise and identify you as a member of a social community.

Some of the benefits belong to a club includes

  • A wide range of access includes access to top automobile racers, insurance, grants, to measure a few.
  • Promotion of your event. Your event will be promoted to a larger audience, and getting a permit to run the event will not be difficult.
  • Licence – for you to be able to secure a licence easily, you need to belong to a notable affiliation or club.
  • Developmental programme – belonging to the club will help you in developing and sharpening your driving skills. They will put in place programmes for your training and exposure.
  • Club support – this is another important benefit of belonging to a club; they will provide you with moral support and help your all-around development.

When you belong to a club, you will be able to participate in national and international programmes.

There are also several workshop programmes you can benefit from. These workshops are for those who are running an affiliate. This will broaden their horizon and help them improve their management skills.

Belonging to a club also creates a level of relationship between you and the government. For instance, the ministry that deals with sport and Recreation in Australia might be your sponsor in certain events if you affiliate yourself to a club.

There are different clubs in several regions of Australia. All you need to do is to find one that you feel will suit your style. You should also note that car racing cannot be done in isolation. You need the help of a club or an affiliate to develop your skill in driving. You cannot participate in any event without you being a member of a club. Belong to a club will help you get a licence because you cannot ride in any competition without a licence.

In various clubs and affiliates, there is provision for women and children. This is to show that Motorsports is not exclusively for men. The club is trying to encourage women to take part in automobile racing. This will help the spread of the sport to the feminine world as well. Children are also not left out; they can also start learning about the sport right from childhood.

Belonging to a club will play a very crucial role in developing your love for motor racing.

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