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Box This Lap is the information centre for Motorsport Australia.  If you are in need of information about anything motorsport related in Australia, this is where to come. We provide you with all the basic information and keep you updated on everything that is happening in the world of Motorsport in Australia. Motorsport is a quite popular sport when it comes to spectators in Australia, but the same cannot be said of participants. The high cost of equipment means only a few people actually participate in the sport. However, it still has a wide following and rich history.

Today, Australia hosts many of the major international series such as the Australian Grand Prix and Rally Australia, which are part of the FIA Formula One World Championship and FIA World Rally Championship, it also hosts the MotoGP Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, and many of the international series like Speedway Grand Prix, World Superbike Championships, Champ Car, and others hold or have held events in the country.

Of all these events, the most popular is the Australian Grand Prix which is held in Melbourne at Albert Park. This event attracts over 300,000 spectators each year, with millions watching it on TV all over the world. It is perhaps one of the oldest too as it started far back in 1928 and has held since then except in 1936 and subsequently 1940-46 as a result of the Second World War. It only became a round of the Formula One World Championship in 1985. At first, it was held at the Adelaide Street Circuit, during which the Australian Grand Prix was the last round of the Championship, which meant it witnessed lots of title deciders. Later on, in 1993, it was moved to the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne, and the Australian Grand Prix became the opening round.

Box This Lap platform provides you with all the information you need about Motorsport in Australia. You will learn about the various licenses available for Motorsport races in Australia as well as regulations guiding all these races. Motorsport Australia is the governing body for Australian Motorsport, and it is responsible for the organisation and regulations of all Motorsport races in Australia. Through our platform, you will also learn about the permits necessary to participate in Motorsport in Australia as well as the clubs in the country. Are you interested in Motorsport and wondering where you can get all the necessary information about it and stay up to date as well? Box This Lap is the platform for that.

Every information on our platform is verified and as comprehensive as possible so that we don’t just inform you; we also educate you as well, providing you with actionable information.

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