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This is the information centre for Motorsport Australia.  If you need information about anything motorsport related in Australia, this is where to come. We provide you with all the basic information and keep you updated on everything in the world of Motorsport in Australia. Motorsport is a quite popular sport when it comes to spectators in Australia, but the same cannot be said of participants.

The high cost of equipment means only a few people participate in the sport. However, it still has a wide following and rich history. Today, Australia hosts many of the major international series such as the Australian Grand Prix and Rally Australia, which are part of the FIA Formula One World Championship and FIA World Rally Championship, it also hosts the MotoGP Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, and many of the international series like Speedway Grand Prix, World Superbike Championships, Champ Car, and others hold or have held events in the country.


There are three kinds of motorsport races which are the circuit, off-road, and rally. Each of these races has its requirements that need to be met before you can have a license to participate. The cost of licenses also differs, starting at $35 for juniors and $130 for the senior categories, which means you don’t have to pay an expensive amount to get the chance to participate in Motorsport.


There are rules and regulations for participating in motorsport races in Australia, and it is important to be familiar with these regulations.


There are various types of permits that you must have before you can execute a race event. The conditions to be fulfilled before you can be granted this permit vary from one type of event to another.


Before you can participate in a motor racing event, you need to belong to a club or to an affiliate. Being in a club will afford you several opportunities that you will benefit from. This benefit goes far beyond automobile racing. This club will help you socialise and identify you as a member of a social community.

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